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I Don't fucking get Lemongrab. There I said it. I Also made the damn costume and I wore it and I don't get it. Dragon Con made me come to this conclusion when I saw all the reactions it got and it confuses me. To give it a bit more context I wore Lemongrab last year at DC13 and got a good reaction (my BMo Noire got alot more love), but I wore it this year and holy shit. The screams of both myself and the people still echo in my head. Granted I did make a new head and made my friend wear the old head to be Lemonwhite, but in no ways did I anticipate people approaching me and saying it's the best thing they seen all weekend (really?) or their favorite photo they got had us in it (oh come the fuck on!). It confuses and scares me.

Also we did achieve the ultimate compliment, FREE BOOZE! I Always thought in the realm of cosplay the only way to get free drinks is if you're attractive, female and....well, not even in the world of cosplay, in the world of life. Somehow wearing a lemon on our heads made people quick to offer us whatever alcohol they had. The fact I was the more belligerent of the two also made people believe I was a raging alcoholic as well (yay?). Then again I don't know if we somehow found the perfect costume or something because we also got the compliment we were one of the few things guys would take pictures of that aren't attractive girls. It is also when they say this I mashed my chest together as hard as I could to give the illusion of boobs, to which they got super disturbed.

I'm not complaining mind you. I Mean I got the best reaction ever when the cosplayer BelleChere was posing all sexy and fierce like as Ivy from SoulCalibur and saw the giant mass of yellow head approach and she broke character in the photo because I suddenly saw her eyes light up like a goddamn Christmas tree and not in horror or disgust or "WTF?! IS THAT?! KILL IT WITH ALL THE FIRE!" but actual joy. It's an awesome reaction, mostly because she seems to know what the fuck she's doing. Her cosplay and knowing patterns and shit, fantastic! Me, I literally feel like I'm robbing a liquor store with lemons glued to my hands and no way to hold a bag to even carry the cash. Hell, the reaction I have come to expect is the one I believe Yaya gave me over a year ago at Dragon Con 2013, when she gave me the "WTF ARE YOU?!" look. Which I returned the favor to her as well (didn't work out as well for me). Also I think I literally just named all the "professional" cosplayers I know. Ignorance and my will to dehydrate and kill myself will forever be one of my strong points in cosplaying I like to believe.

If anything this kinda does conclude that cosplay, I still have no fucking idea what I'm doing. Though also because of this STUPID found attention I'm now slightly contemplating not retiring Lemongrab because of pure ego and stupidity.

So anyways next year the plan to get me killed or dying of dehydration includes...

-Robo Scratchy (from Itchy and Scratchy Land episode of Simpsons)
-Bender (because I should learn how to say no to friends, but sadly they know how to reason with me)
-Lumpy Space Princess (tired of seeing human versions, time to show people what a lack of awareness in life and death can do!)
-Banana Guard (simply because me and friends want to do a large group of them)
-Upgraded Bunch of Baby Ducks (because Regular Show is awesome and cosplay for that show is scarce)

I Don't know, may do more, I'm sure SOMEONE will remind me what else I need to do since I lack the will to say it's a bad idea unless a million people have done it or just plain terrible reasoning I should attempt it. Though I'll probably drop by NDK for a day to hang out with friend(s?) and maybe bring Lemongrab, but we'll see. For now I have to plan for next year and by plan I mean a goddamn wing and a prayer hoping I get this shit right!
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Right now I'm working on my Duncan the donut cop cosplay from Wreck it Ralph and if my half assed scheduling and planning is any indication, I should probably get it finished by end of this month (with a month to spare before Dragon Con!). Now this leaves me time, which leaves me antsy, which leads to either the best ideas or the worst ideas, I can't tell. What are these ideas? Well, donuts are universally awesome. Even take away the frosting, you got bagels, which are still awesome. So with the costume being a giant donut, the only logical thing to do is go to donut shop and get free donuts.

How does that work? I Don't know! People like giant foam mascots (or in my case foam mascot held together by pool noodles). So in my head I go in, they'll be so amazed by my Duncan cosplay that they'll literally give me a dozen donuts for free and ask for pictures. I Don't see how this can go any otherway. I Want to try and do this all day and see how many free donuts I can rack up or in the very least get pictures of me staring into the windows of donut shops and looking horrified that people are cooking and eating my people alive. Like I think it through and this idea sounds so good that it maybe wrong and I'm overlooking something. That and I want to say usually by the third donut I get sick of them and if I have abuncha boxes of them...well, I don't know what I'd do. Part of me wants to get as many and chuck it at old people...or give it to real cops.

Speaking of real cops I asked one of my friend's friend's who is a for reals cop if he wants to come along and wear his uniform or whatever while I possibly go through with this dumb idea and treat it like a buddy cop thing. This costume works on so many idiot levels that I don't see how it can't work. So that's my idea, we'll see if I do it next month. Man, cosplay be serious business yo.
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Denver Comic Con is over! Yay! Boo! I Don't know! I Have mixed emotions! Friday I was excited and giddy, but once Saturday hit I was tired and beaten. I'm debating if this was due in part to on Saturday dressing up as a Washer and putting all my leg muscles to the literal test. It was exhausting. Like there's a feeling there is an obvious easier way to dress up as a washer and being to scale, but the thing is though my friend is stupid and in turn WE'RE all stupid because we can't think of another way either. So instead stuck in this contraption that if it hits a crack or ditch it becomes a trap and almost feels like it's one step away from somehow exploding or...literally, there is no other step of how much it sucks when you get stuck in the damn thing because the only other thing that should happen is it explodes. So maybe that's why by the time Saturday was over I needed to sleep. That or it MAYBE because I saw an ass that I did not ever want to see in my life because some girl's should understand there is such thing as too short a skirt, especially if there's no boy shorts to better protect it, but instead I can't tell if it's a piece of string or going commando. Eitherway I did not want to see that and...God, yeah, I think that's what made Saturday the thing that made me want to sleep and forget. It's like World War II with the Japanese seeing two mushroom clouds except two buttcheeks instead. The environmental and mental damage is still to be seen though.

Oh and BMO Noire touch ups worked! Yay, no more bullshit tape suspenders, instead hoodie laces and used Guitar Hero guitar straps! I Also got to admit it is a bit of hipster cosplay mostly because you see it on the surface and not get it or you'll have seen the episode and get the reference and be in a weird insider club and suddenly there's new weird depth. I Don't know how I feel about it explaining it like that. It makes me feel like a goddamn tool and a tool over a kid's cartoon is the worst kinda. Though with that, how? How the fuck did I get forget the "BMO!!!!" screams? How? It was so apparent once i put it on and people began yelling it. It rolls off the back of your throat like a "THANKS OBAMA!" or singing the Spider-man theme to the beat of nearly any song. Also with the costume the height it is, the children who approach it and the lack of being able to tell where sound comes from in that coffin I'm surprised I have literally not ran over any children wearing that. Also hey! I Wasn't assaulted while wearing it this time! ...Well, except when my friend's wife jabbed her wand into my speaker hole.

So yeah, fun time. I Look forward to possibly getting another free pass next year to enjoy it again and see what times ensue or if I lose all circulation to my fingers finally. Until then, Dragon Con is next.
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Remember that episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force in I think...the second season(?), where the Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future shows up to remind Carl of his Christmas he had as a child when he had to eat carpet and work in the mines? You don't? Well luckily they have it on youtube!

Anyways, what's that clip got to do with anything? Vaguely much in terms of what's on my mind. Past few days I've been on the verge of a weird mental breakdown.

You see, I've been watching ALOT of The Wire. An HBO show that's really just like Game of Thrones; it's an hour long, alot of slang and dialogue that takes repeat viewing's to understand what they're saying, way too many characters each with their own subplots and characteristics that the show throws at you and it takes place in a magical land you'd never want to visit (Baltimore!). Only difference is alot more black people. ALOT. Also replace dragon's with double barreled shotgun and really you got Game of Thrones. Most importantly, the show is pretty depressing like Game of Thrones, but The Wire somehow feels MORE depressing because of it being relatable. So past few days my life has been filled with strippers getting rolled into a rug over OD'ing n coke, people trying to put their lives back together from drug addiction and living shit lives and people unable to get out of the game. It's alot for a show and it moves fast and somehow this has spiraled me into having a panic attack on Saturday.

On Saturday, after watching a ton of The Wire I started flipping out. Like pacing back and forth for two hours or so rambling on and on. About what pray tell? The dumbest, nerdiest shit possible of course! I Have Dragoncon coming in four months and somehow four months and watching a show about abunch of cops trying to wire tap pay phones equals me freaking out over finishing my damn costume. My costume in itself I guess show's how my mind works for better or worse, which is finishing my costume of the damn donut cop from Wreck it Ralph. I Don't know if I should feel like an asshole about that or not. Because I got nothing against cops, hell I know a cop! I'm friend's with one and he's on my XBox and everything and he told me about how he to drag a dead body out of a river once.

Besides the weird moral implication of I guess inner monologue cop racism (I think?), there's also the fact that since I'm waiting to see what my friend does for materials, there's not much I can do. I've basically made an outline and everything, but I don't want us to look fashionably out of place so I'm waiting on him now and my God, this has been stabbing at my brain all week now. Ever since that Saturday I have the dumbest dreams ever and I say dumb because "cosplay anxiety dreams" sound stupid no matter what the context. That and I can't just go to my friend's and ask them if this ever happened to them because what the hell kinda term is "cosplay anxiety dreams"? Hell I remember the night after I had that weird sudden panic attack and went to sleep I dreamt I had a job interview in Seattle for some reason and in this dream I realized "hey! Wait a minute! This is a dream! I Got to wake up and work on my donut costume!" From there the dream turned into me running and trying to wake up, until I finally did and saw it was 7AM and wondered what the fuck am I panicing over. Since than I've had those same kinda dreams and it's driving me insane!

Also I suck at writing conclusions when they're about me so I'll just say what me and my friend's always say. Cosplay is hard!
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Man, today was a nerdy day. Free Comic Book day and Starfest. One of them was crammed with more people than last year, the, well, the other shouldn't have taken a dump in the sink and timed it's event to go against Free Comic Book Day. First off Free Comic Book Day was cool, it let me continue bitching about how much I hated Amazing Spider-man 2 and gave me weird uncomfortable emotional feelings. Case in point, other people cosplaying outside of cons when I'm not wearing a costume or with someone wearing one triggers a weird fear in me I notice. Like "I should've brought a costume or better yet these people may know and I'm not wearing one. Oh God! Why did I not bring a costume?! *gasps* *wheeze* Holy Shit! They're going to judge me! OH GOD WHY DIDN'T I BRING ANYTHING?!?!"

Anyways, Starfest. Where I didn't bring a costume, but for some reason felt it upon myself to play cosplay P.A. for my friend and was excited for it. Fuck, my life got super sad didn't it? Besides that for big cumbersome costumes I feel it kinda is necessary to be there for friend's because it helps them and blah blah blah, but hey it's also great for people watching and people watching while doing that is weirdly awesome. Now my friend was Pyramid Head, meaning his peripheral vision was jack and shit outside of seeing things to the side. I Knew that, he knows that, other people know that; but those other people don't know that I'm stuck behind him as a P.A. and I can hear and see everything they do and it's...pretty wicked awesome.

For one: the insanity workout works and my friend goddamn attested to it in stride by going as Pyramid Head without a shirt on. How else did it work? Because both genders took notice and complimented or did double takes, some made it apparent to him, while alot did it from a distance thinking he wouldn't notice. Guess what? I DID THOUGH! I'd be bored as fuck if my ears didn't perk up or my eyes didn't do the equivalent of perking as well (bleeding profusely from staring?) everytime someone made a move or comment without me noting it. So females AND males doing double takes and looking and very shyly asking for a picture. I SAW YOU! Guys complimenting on my friend being shredded despite his back not really being super defined (from my perspective, but whatever). I HEARD YOU! Drunk girl with the big titties getting infront of me to get behind my friend and making motions of wanting to feel him up while giggling as your boyfriend or friendzone friend or whatever looked on slightly demasculated. I DEFINETELY SAW AND HEARD YOU AND WAS WATCHING AND WAITING TO SEE WHERE YOU GROPE! (the shoulders by the way)

Besides that, the cosplay itself meaning the stuff that wasn't defined by a fleshy spongy human body was good too. The sword was obnoxiously huge to the point where it didn't need to be that huge and the head was defined and didn't sacrifice the looks with limited eyesight. So with that said, I get to watch the people sippin on Haterade too. Little kids walking past my friend while under their breath talking shit as if you think you may get into a fight with him because little kids fear things they don't understand? I HEARD YOU! I HEARD EVERY WORD! Same with people making straight up angered looks and each and everytime like clockwork looking and making a face. I SAW YOU TOO! PUT YOU ON GODDAMN GAME! I GOT NOTHING ELSE TO DO BESIDES LOOK AROUND AND BE AWARE LIKE UATU THE WATCHER! EXCEPT I'M NOT ON THE MOON AND I AIN'T WEARING A TOGA AND I ONLY DON'T INTERFERE BECAUSE I KNOW YOU GOTTA STEP UP COSPLAY GAME NOW OR WHATEVER!

So cosplay P.A. is fun. Only downfall is missing the chance to give out a card to advertise my friend's shameless whoring of himself on Facebook. Not as fun as cosplaying itself, but it's a weird new way of people watch or being a spy with people barely knowing. Outside of that the con was basically a dead zone with really not much to do besides wandering back and forth and people watch and really question some choices in costuming. Oh and hanging out with friends and all the basic stuff though it did remind me I know alot of cosplay people, but if you were to ask me to remember their names...I'd have an easier time vomiting out blood with a good majority of them.

Also I was reminded today that eventhough I listen to a shit ton of music and try and keep an open mind, it seems I'll always be a metal head at heart. It's like a secret fraternity where if you wear the shirt, hoodie or whatever apparel of a metal band it's like seeing a friend and we all know each other. Case in point, wearing a Mastodon hoodie (when it was balls out too hot to wear a hoodie) and getting props from random strangers. Pretty cool, you don't get that when you rep a rapper or easy listening music.
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It's a weird, awesome feeling when you read something so good you want to pound on your couch or bed and start yelling "fuck yeah! That's the shit right there!" Afterlife With Archie #4 has somehow nailed that, with the reminder that the medium of comic books is just as good as novels, TV and other things. Mostly because the comic gave me a feeling or a sense of urgency to finish it not out of agitation, but to see where it will go and the realization of "holy shit! I gotta see what happens next!" No pages or dialogue felt wasted and everything was brilliantly paced that it pulled on so many emotional strings that you never would've expected from a comic best known for having a character who's problems usually revolve around making it to two dates without the other person knowing. Yet somehow the comic takes the one dimensional understanding of these characters I read as a kid and gave them layers and understanding and nods and winks to people like who actually read it way longer then they should've.

So if you get a chance, read it. Dear God almighty read it. I Know they've reprinted the fuck out of it because it's actually selling well, but it's also been seeing delays (with it now no longer being a mini-series, but an ongoing for the unforeseeable future), but well worth the wait. So bravo, Afterlife With Archie, you've blown me and my friend's mind's with a zombie comic that could've turned into a dumb novelty, but instead respects the characters and pays homage to other zombie and horror titles, while creating a fantastic emotional story. Bravo!
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"I Want to shoot you so bad my dick's hard!" - Scotty Appleton, New Jack City

What does that quote have to do with this journal post? It really doesn't, I just don't know how to start a good intro paragraph that and have you ever said that quote out loud? It's fucking wonderful! Ladies, try saying it and feel empowered, especially when you're robbing someone. WOMEN'S RIGHTS!

In anycase, this past weekend I helped with a local convention known as Animeland Wasabi 2014 or whatever title you want to give it. I Kinda felt the need to write about it, but literally have no idea what or how to pace it or make it about. I Was going to go with the run down of days, but then I realized it doesn't matter in the end because it'll end up being like every other talk of anime conventions, me feeling old and boy, did I feel old. Now don't get me wrong, I treat my love or admiration of anime a pet cactus. I Mean I keep it in mind and pay it some attention and give it water, but I can't get into it otherwise it'll stab me and I wonder why do I still care for this pointy haired large eyed cactus? Meanwhile I go to this or maybe even NDK and everyone is hugging that cactus and biting chunks of it to get that mouthful of sweet cactus plant, needles and cactus milk (I don't know what it's scientifically called, cactus water?). So by default I feel like an outsider in a land of people eating cactus' because I admire it from a distance, but never go out and hug it despite it always being in a hugging stance.

With that long block of words written, I was there to help with the loud obnoxious noise set up and by that I mean help with the Rock Band and Dance Central setup. Majority of that time though was spent with Dance Central since it's my 360 being used and because I spend alot of time with that game, like alot. With that said, holy shit the weird notoriety I get feel...well, confused. I Guess I like people high fiving me or saying they like to watch me "dance" or merely calling me the Dance Central guy, on the other hand there is the part of my ego that hates being defined into a corner. I Think it's almost an unadulterated fear I maybe seen as a robot and if there ever is a robot war and the robots go disguised as human's the people who have one specific trait will be the ones declared a robot and burnt. I Think I'm joking when I say that, but when I type that it kinda makes sense in the everyone's looking and waiting for zombies, but ain't no one ready for robots to fuck us up...unless we all got magnets.

Besides the small crisis of identity I had involving a video game about dancing, it wasn't that bad trying to watch people match moves while slowly learning that their legs aren't being held down by the carpet. With that said, man, minority nerds are awesome. SO AWESOME. When black people play the game it's a weird excitement in their eyes like a black person seeing a magic trick and flipping the fuck out. White people...kinda need to step it up, since if there was any dickitude it was from white people. Like one who was just being a dick for the sake of being a dick and fucked up one of my friend's moves in the game (because fake virtual dancing is serious business) so my friend kicked him in the stomach because...well, fuck that guy.

So not a bad time, though I do feel like all the people who were volunteering hated my guts only because when they ask for wrist band I would flaunt my gold wrist band and quote Missy Elliot in saying "Look at my watch, cost a whole lot" whether they asked or not. Also what the fuck is the deal with the free hugs signs? I Still don't goddamn get it. Hell I never understood it when I went to anime convention years ago and still don't to this day. I Saw two girls sitting down in a hallway and one was holding that sign on a paper and the way she held it and looked at me, it looked she was either A. begging for food or B. was kidnapped by the other girl, but luckily her kidnapper can't read so she says it says free hugs, but instead it's a note that says "PLZ HALP! KIDNAPD! SCRRD~!" or something. I Want to say if anyone needs physical attention just go and jerk off because if you did it right you'll feel enough shame in yourself that you'd want to be left alone, while physically and emotionally satisfied.

Oh and I didn't goddamn hear "Butt Scratcher" yelled out once during the con or I lost the game or whatever. Good job, anime community!
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Another year is over with each year I'm now noticing getting more and more nerdier than the last. I Don't know how it gets to this. This year was alot of cosplaying and traveling to foreign lands (Atlanta, Georgia) to continue wearing costumes while listening to more podcasts. On the downside, went to alot less concerts this years. This goddamn nerdiness is tearing me apart! Anyways, favorite things of 2013 just for shits and giggles.

Favorite Movie: Pacific Rim. Because it's Guillermo Del Toro writing and directing as opposed to producing (eat a duck, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark) and it was one of those movies where I really wanted to chest bump or high five someone so bad among the 3 or 4 times I saw it in theaters. That and it was one of those times where 3D and Imax quality sound all meshed to make me gladly fork over cash 3 or 4 times. Otherwise other favorite movies this year include but aren't limited to World's End, Anchorman 2 Evil Dead remake and This is the End. To the movie I wanted to see in theaters, but didn't get to (You're Next, Kings of Summer, Spectacular Now) I'll get to you sometime next year.

Favorite Game: If we're counting beyond the realm of video games, than Cards Against Humanity. Without a single doubt. Hours devoted to that game where one of my answers can be "For my next trick I will pull a discarded condom out of a dismembered hooker's torso!" And so far everytime me and my friends play it we go for at least two hours straight in the very least, otherwise three to four hours seems to be the average. If talking video game wise, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Bioshock Infinite and Last of Us, but it's just a fantastic feeling having a button where I can flip someone off and call them a dick shitter before ripping out my now dead enemies' cybernetic heart.

Favorite Album: If I start to sound hipster here than I'm sorry, but fuuuuck alot of albums I enjoyed this year. Trent Reznor basically went back in time to give his 80's Downward Spiral era self technology of 2013 to create Hesitation Marks. Dillinger Escape Plan continues blurring the line between jazz lounge band and absolute fucking chaos. Meanwhile Queens of the Stone Age released their first new album in 5 years. Even with all that, the thing I listened to the goddamn most this year is Kavinsky's Outrun. Part concept album (story of a teen who turns into a car that kills people), part 80's dance music, part film soundtrack for a film that never existed; but all in all the best music to drive or do anything to. The beats don't fall into the same patterns for each songs and isn't afraid to add things like electric guitar on some tracks or different vocalists like Havoc from Mobb Deep. Stupid good.

Favorite New Comic: Yay more comics! My eyes burn with word balloons, pecs and women with large busts that in all reality can't be held by such thin waists! Let's see, The Wake was fantastic with it's survival horror like feel. East of West was amazing in it's delivery of the apocalypse in the wild west, which mixes tones of Lovecraft and hell even some Judge Dredd. Honestly just typing that almost makes me want to change my choice on favoritest. Injustice extended far beyond the reachest of what the video game did and gave one of the best interpretations of Justice League I read in awhile. Even than I think my favoritest new series I read this year is Afterlife With Archie. It's such a goddamn offbeat concept of the "aw shucks" world of Archie getting plagued with zombies that it's hard not to love. Especially with so many winks and nods to Night of the Living Dead and Pet Sematary.

Favorite Show: I Tried Dr.Who this year. Anyway, I want to pick Arrow, despite so many ridiculously good shows this year (Regular Show, Adventure Time, Drunk History, Venture Bros., Game of fucking Thrones, Masters of Sex), but I still haven't finished Breaking Bad. All the more ridiculous when I watched season 1 and 2 back to back and loved it and own nearly the whole series on blu ray. No answer for this one.

I Don't know why I felt like typing this since it felt a bit overly pretentious, but I think my head was making the motions i should type this for the sake of typing.
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Since around the beginning of this year, one question has literally been bugging me for months. Like I try my best to come up with an answer and none of them work, so I'm just going to straight up ask it and maybe someone can answer it here from out of no where. How the fuck is softcore porn still around? Like we live in the age of the internet, wi-fi, 4G and whatever other bullshit. Every fetishistic need can be found and jerked off to (or jill off I guess if you're a lady). Want terrifying porn involving cartoon ponies? Boom, done. Smurfs? Yup. Older women lifting heavy objects? Sure, I guess. But softcore porn is so specific and so unnecessary that it boggles the mind. Alright, let's start from how this began to bug me.

Earlier this year we got the movie package with all the other channels and such. It was awesome, minus the fact that I already have a giant backlog of shows and movies I got to finish as is, but none the less awesome. Anyways, I came home late and was curious to see what movies were on just for the sake of watching something, while eating and noticed the usual suspects of Starz and Showtime had movies that had titles like Lifeguard something something or Cheerleader whatever, all very smutty titles is what I mean to say. So I thought to myself "it's 2013, no way in the age of the internet these are real." But low and behold I pressed OKAY on the remote to them and I got straight up terrible acting that did not lead to a woman performing fellatio on camera to a man's wing dang doodle, but instead more awful acting and then tits that lead to more awful acting except while naked and with no man turtle hiding in a woman's turtle cave or whatever! I Am horrible with metaphors right now and can't sleep so bare with me. Also while typing that, I just learned fellatio has two L's. Neato!

To put this in perspective, shows advertised on goddamn billboards like Spartacus or Game of Thrones show more then any of these shows. Hell, I've seen that goddamn robot from Prometheus and X-Men: Origins' dick. HIS DICK! And it was very much an "Oh my" moment, but that's an awkward story that may come into question my sexual orientation for another day (as it stands I'm straight, at least I'm damn sure...). Anyways something like that, that's advertised to parents and children gets away with more and is on a time that majority of people are awake. So why or where does softcore porn come in?* If I wanted to see something with good acting, story, nudity and a budget beyond the words "I Know a guy down the street..." then there are plenty of shows in this day and age. If I want to skip the middle man and watch pure on hardcore whooping, then there are plenty of choices. Hell, if I wanted it with story and hardcore whooping, there's alot of that too. So where the hell does softcore porn exist in this realm? Is it for parents to ease their kids into porn or something? I Just don't get it. Plus if you were to say there's fetishists out there who enjoy porn, but hate the penetration and want more acting then I call bullshit because it sounds more niche then any other niche porn market. I Base this on goddamn nothing, but it sounds about right! So why? Why do you exist softcore porn? You confuse me and make me tile my head to the side like a dog seeing two people having sex. I Know it's something familiar, but it looks wrong.

*Yes, I laughed at that. I'm super mature.
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Dear Dragon Con,

    Stop being so fucking awesome. Seriously, it's ridiculous how that one con crushes everything. Seriously, went to NDK this weekend (not going Sunday) and it was so sad compared to the overwhelming might and awesome Dragon Con gave. Hey, nothing to do on the three floor of this massive hotel (if that's possible), then go to the other two hotels that are connected via indoor bridges with multiple floors of events happening. That or go outside to where other neighboring hotels are holding panels or have dealer rooms and artist alley's going on. That or don't want to travel, goddamn people watch and see all the fucking awesome cosplay happening. Seriously, it's fucking stupid amazing how great that con is. 2AM parties in the MAIN lobby floors of the hotels (no bullshit searching for room parties), concerts and other things. It's amazing, like how can a con be this awesome kinda amazing.

    Anyways this brings me to NDK, that con makes me feel old in so many ways. One, I'm not in high school and haven't been for nearly a decade. Two, it feels like majority of the same costumes that I see years ago are the same ones being done at that con. Three, I barely watch anime. The days of pointy chins and overly dramatic, angsty teens has passed. Same with any obsession with animated 14 year old girls with way too overly developed chests and a stupidity that borders on two pieces of broccoli. Anyways, the con itself besides that? Weird, so weird. Like I said, it felt like going back in time except the cardboard box this time took me  back, but besides that though there's just so little to do. Outside of slutting it up and talking to friends and going to overpriced dealer room there isn't much else that appeals to me so with that side alot of time spent slutting it up and by that I mean dressing up as Lemongrab.

    I Don't know how among the two characters I've cosplayed as that they keep getting people screaming at them. Be it the name of the character or abunch of quotes that or I hear whispers of my characters name from afar and can feel stares. It is fucking confusing, I know My Little Pony is a big fucking deal right now, but I don't ever see someone constantly yell or whisper "PINKIE PIE!" and/or "PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!" So I don't get how my character's get that privilege or honor when really none don't. Lemongrab was no different in this scenario with lots of "LEMONGRAB!" or "LEMONHEAD!" or of course "UNACCEPTABLE!", but while the screaming at things is a thing that happens no matter the con that amount of girls that ask for Lemongrab is...well, growing? First alot of selfies with Lemongrab were taken at DC with girls, which was awesome and one asked me to take a picture of trying to attempt murder by throwing her over the balcony. All cool with me, but with NDK it became...well, 2/3 females approaching me over guys and I still can't science that shit to figure out how that math worked out. Though I do like the both fear and excitement that head brings, though I have no idea how this all works out and it feels like some doomsday scenario if I were to figure out the appeal of Lemongrab to girl's.

    Anyways with NDK done for me that means my year one of cosplay is DONE. So onward to next year with the plan so far being...

-New Lemongrab head (with different face so my friend can also wear so we can do both Lemongrab's)
-Duncan from Wreck it Ralph (the long john donut cop)
-Cinnamon Bun from Adventure Time
-Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords "Humans are Dead" music video (this is dependent on my friend as well)
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Less then a week before me and my friends head out to the place where large asses are bountiful and BBQ's everywhere and...I don't know much else, I'm mostly basing this on rap music videos. Oh wait, where am I going I assume you're asking for the sake of moving along? Atlanta, Georgia! Home of Dragon Con! A four day con that happens during Labor Day weekend and includes such things like the cosplay parade and other events that I've been trying to pay attention to, but remember I have other things to do. So why am I going out of state to a con after so many years of having not done it? I HAVE NO IDEA! My friend merely asked me if I wanted to do it and like a drunken college girl at a frat party I said sure and blacked out for awhile and here I am now except my jaw is intact. So with that out of the way I feel overwhelmed and don't know why. Plus I don't know if it's actually the feeling of overwhelmed or just excitement. Add to that I don't know if it's excitement to finish my goddamn cosplay for this con or the fact that I'm going to one of the bigger con's in the US that has me excited or scared, but it's happening. I Am experiencing an Inception level of emotions that I don't understand and I feel if I do go any deeper as to why I may just vomit on the walls.

Oh hi there, you caught me making a new paragraph after I left off with a weird image. Anyways I feel there's also a chance I may get raped and murdered to death. Why do I say that? It's either I'm doing accidental racial profiling or the fact all my friend's who have been to Atlanta agree, it's a shit hole. I Feel I won't agree or disagree, but when I watch a new delightful show called Drunk History (which by the way is goddamn awesome and hilarious) and a random person who lives there basically says "you can walk one direction and see the birth place of Martin Luther King Jr. and walk the other direction and get a mu shu burrito at 3AM or get stabbed." Doesn't fill me with much hope, especially if I'm wearing a giant lemon on my head or God help me, a giant cumbersome gaming handheld. Eitherway I already paid for 4 day ticket and this will be my...4th con or so this year? So I'm partially terrified and eager, eager enough that I began packing last week and have nearly all my cosplay touch ups (both old and new) done. How did I get this nerdy? Even I'm confused as to how I got this far.
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We all have our own beliefs and things we stand behind, unless you're a robot, in which case I have magnets and am waiting to throw them at you. Anyways, I too have beliefs because I am not a robot (I can eat and poop to prove it) and one of those is I won't go to a local anime convention around these parts of Colorado called NDK. Why? I Totally have no idea why! Wait, scratch that. I Totally know why! Because I goddamn cosplay now and I think I want to show off my work. Now before I cosplayed I hated going to that con because Jesus it made me feel old and the last time I went to it was when I was...23 I think? And it made me feel old mostly because anime is one of those things I loved, now it's just like cookies to Cookie Monster, a sometimes snack. Also I don't love everything anime fans seem to love. Naruto. Meh. Bleach. Better on whites. Kingdom Hearts. Hated it. Though now there seems to be a weird common ground and that common ground or whatever word I'm trying to use is Adventure Time. Now that I've made BMo and...wait, this is alot of sentences let me start a new paragraph.

*ahem* Okay that's better, anyways, now that I've made BMo I feel slightly like I have purpose or reason to go as oppose to feeling like an outsider in a sea of...a sea of metaphors I guess. That and I don't know how much longer I'm going to wear BMo because I'm upgrading and making a BMo noir costume because I know what the hell I'm doing now (kinda) and because I want to be that asshole who said I made it. Though even then, I have this weird uneasy feeling that if I do this I'm kinda selling out or cosplaying for mainly the reason of whoring myself. I Don't know what it is, but I feel weirdly guilty about it and this like I should be doing this for a better reason other my own vanity. Is there such a thing?! Meaning in the realm of cosplay. I Know vanity exists, but I'm weirded out now that I have a reason I want to go, but I also feel the need to fight back on it. So I don't know, I'm debating. I'm also thinking this because NDK is a week after me and my friends show off our wares at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia where I'm hoping to unveil BMo Noir so I don't know if I'm going to want/need/miss the sense of...ugh, typing at near 3AM makes me sound stupider, the sense of accomplishment I guess in making something and getting praise? I Don't know, is there any other reason to cosplay or am I just turning into something I hate and don't even know it? Wow, suddenly shit got deep in the kiddy pool or it turns out I was standing in a hot tub all along (I have no idea what that means).

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Denver Comic Con random bitlibs and other ramblings...

1. People really love BMo. Like Jesus Christ I think I wore it for possibly around 3 and a half hours or so on Saturday because it is super strenuous after awhile, but within that time frame the longest I walked around without someone yelling "BMOOOOOO!!!!" was...maybe 90 seconds? And children swarmed me and I think I'm terrified of most kids because I can't hit them if they say something stupid so I feel helpless in a weird "technically I shouldn't hit people in the first place" kinda way. Though the way I kept getting swarmed and yelled happily at (does that exist?) it felt like BMo had just come back from Iraq and all my illegitimate children were waiting for me. It got even more bat shit insane when people realized the buttons were pressable as if I had just come back from Iraq and brought back all the Beetles with me from the dead. Kids wanted to follow me around and people were out of breath to tell me they chased me down for a picture. So I guess I did good. OH! And I didn't accidentally grope anyone with the stupid tube noodle arms. SUCK IT WORLD! I DID...REASONABLY WELL ENOUGH FOR ONCE!

2. The "You Really Smell Like Dog Buns" sign I made for Lemongrab worked so well. So very, very, very well. I Realize now when people ask to pose in a picture with you and you give them something to do or work with it helps alot. Unfolding it with gloves though super sucks ass.

3. FINALLY! Met a good amount of people who watch Adventure Time who are over 18. Jesus, I was almost concerned, but I still feel like alot of people who didn't watch Adventure Time wanted pictures because a screaming lemon is a novelty all in it's own.

4. I'm still not sold on a group theme cosplay mostly because I had such dumb fun walking with my friend as BMo/Lemongrab and him as Leonidas from 300. It was a terrible fan fiction all in itself and I loved it. He got the more older movie watching kinda nerds who were there with kids and I got mostly the kids and super nerdy people. It was a weird working collective.

5. Girls being nervously shy around my friend was awesome, because...well, let me start from the beginning, my friend's Leonidas is wearing leather underwear he imported from France for super authenticity, but it also comes with the extra bonus of having an extra spot that makes holds the twigs and berries out more to safely store them. So by that standard everytime he's in a profile body shot, it sticks out pretty good and I enjoyed watching girls A. gasp B. cover their mouth and say "oh my god" quietly C. look away and giggle or D. all of the above. Eitherway it usually ends with them asking for a picture with my friend or them asking their significant other to ask for a picture with them. It was weird in a hilarious kinda way.

6. People do not know names. BMo's name is right on the side, yet the pronounciation's went from terrible to just insulting. Same with Lemongrab AKA Lemondude AKA Lemonhead AKA Lemonguy. My friend had it worse since barely anyone remembers the character's name of King Leonidas so they called him Sparta, Spartacus or my faaaavorite dumb comment "He's from that movie 500."

Overall though I had fun and it was my 2nd outting in the mystical world of and will be there again next year especially if we get Exhibitors pass again like we did the past two years. Though now I have to figure what else to make costume wise for Dragoncon in August which is FOUR AND A HALF DAYS.
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First off let me say, holy shit. I Feel fucking old. Wearing BMo made me realize I maybe the oldest Adventure Time fan out there (26), because everyone under 18 FLIPPED shit when they saw me. Especially little kids. I Was WOEFULLY under prepared for that predicament. Specifically there was this group of girls under 10 dressed as Disney Princess' and they flipped fucking shit everytime they saw me. Like their heads were exploding and they were freaked out and in turn I was freaked out. Like freaked the fuck out. So that was kinda awesome in a corny way that I made abunch of little girls' day. Hell, boys too and abunch of other people.

On the bad side, the costume. Specifically my BMo cosplay. This was first and foremost a test run since my first serious costume and there were problems. ALOT of problems that I'm glad I discovered. Also on the bad side, one of those problems? BMo apparently is a goddamn pervert. The string snapped off the right arm so I had no control so I tucked it inside, which is about waist level. Well it wasn't good enough because somehow BMo copped a feel on alot of people. Male and female and I couldn't really do much about it. So for that I say to all those people I am goddamn sorry. Also to the Catwoman cosplayer who got super pissed about it, I am super sorry. I Didn't mean to and I'm not some crazed pervert. For Gods sake I accidentally groped a Mark Twain cosplayer. MARK TWAIN COSPLAYER. I GROPED HIM! Now I know there's tons of sexual fetishes out there, but I don't think one exist where you accidentally cop a feel on a Mark Twain cosplayer and get off on that. So with that I am still sorry and next time my wavy blue arms will not be awkwardly groping people.

Other then that it wasn't bad. My friends were super disappointed I didn't enter the cosplay contest since when people found out the buttons were spring loaded, more shit was freaked the hell out of people. Man, people be freaked at this con with how I'm typing. Anyways, there was many problems that by then if I had waited still for a competition with all the mistakes it had instead of putting it away a few hours earlier before it drove me insane, then I'd probably would go ballistic.  Anyways, more work I got to do on it before Denver Comic Con. I'm just glad it somehow made alot of people's day or was "The best thing they've seen this whole weekend" So I'll keep at it.  Eventhough it makes me feel super old. People in their 20's who watch cartoons, where you at?!

Also my legs in tights? BMo comes off as having waaaaay too muscular looking legs according to my friends when they looked on in shock when I stood up in tights. I'm shocked too that my legs actually look good.
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Well, it's 4-20 here in the states. A time where sales of Doritos and Funnyuns hit an all time high as people smoke as much marijuana as possible. No where is this more true then in my home state of Colorado, where we're one of first states to legalize it. Though I'm not spending my time indoors watching a marathon of Cartoon Network and getting baked, nope! I'm going out to cosplay!

Though there also within that lies my problem, which is I've never seriously cosplayed and now I'm about to take that giant nerdy step forward of putting on an outfit I put time on and show it to a large crowd of people. Yes, I've done random costumes before like Senor Iron or half assed robots, but this time I didn't half ass and actually put *gasps* EFFORT into something! So I've spent days, even months working on this and it almost feels like I'm introducing a child to the world. A child who's skin I wear and pose in pictures, so exactly what the purpose of a child is (I have no children of my own).  So now because of this, I'm just nervous. Nervous and/or excited. I Haven't even decided or know what the difference is still.

For the most part I'm proud of my work. For a first time effort, I think it looks fantastic, but the fact I've spent so many waking hours with it means I know all it's weakness and blunders of where it can go wrong. Oh this part could've been caulked better. Oh there's a scratch here. Oh I hope the suspenders hold. ALL THIS DUMB SHIT that I want to forget and know it'll be okay, but now I'm obsessed with. So now I'm just obsessed and don't know how the next few hours will go. Well, besides me eventually sleeping and not typing this and obsessing. I Feel I got to air this out because I'm proud of this child of styrofoam I made. I'm also proud that this creation stemmed partially from anger with my friend saying the only reason me and some of my other friends cosplay is out of anger in thinking "GODDAMMIT! WE CAN FUCKING MAKE SOMETHING!" And it's true, which leads to me saying anger can take you to many places, kids! Though in my case it'll still leave you nervous and excited in what you can or cannot do. So we'll see how this costume goes in a few hours. I Just had to air all out so I can get it off my chest, but goddammit I'm still eager to do it and show people the hideous blue foamy child I've made.
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Bitch took my hair style from 2 years ago! Mostly it was me too lazy to put up a mohawk so I called it a downhawk! I Rocked that hairstyle BEFORE bass got obnoxious. Also I still don't know of any song he's ever done. Also on the odd part, apparently my friend saw him before he was Skrillex live and stared at serenaded him. My friend is a guy. Good times and I needed a break from cleaning and organizing. This has been useless thoughts with Bill Pardy.
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Dear asshole who can't put his phone down at the Ministry show last Sunday after Denver Comic Con,

Kill yourself. Seriously, please kill yourself. There should be law against assholes who literally must put up their phone all through out a damn show to constantly take pictures, videos or pictures and videos of themselves at a show. It is discouraging for the whole entire human race you think people give two shits about you or your sad social life, better yet, you and your grainy, badly lit and terrible sounding videos (same with pictures except take away the sound portion of my comments). Also why is it I was NOT surprised you had no girlfriend with you or when you were holding up your phone to show everyone behind you the grainy ass photos you just took I saw not one picture of a lady? Just at best one man, aiming a camera at himself trying to look cool with a concert or building behind him. Sadly there were several as if the world must know of your existence next to these places like you argue with yourself if you exist or not. Unless...wait, there is no excuse for this douche baggery. Just literally thrust your hips into a meat slicer and if large mounds of flesh are being ripped from your hips then you're doing it right. Once you see your lower body has been separated from your upper body, use the last of your strength to cram the rest of your head into said meat slicer...jaw first. Social networking is a privilege, not a goddamn lifestyle necessity. Especially one for a life as sheltered as yours that makes concerts more annoying then they should be.

Otherwise it was a fantastic show with a great opener (The Overcasters) and one that lasted a bit too long with an awkwardly (I believe) unintentionally racist name "Blackburner."

Oh and Denver Comic Con was more fun then it should be despite being whipped and stabbed in the eye. Mexican families loved my slightly racist ironic Mexican Iron Man costume (Goddamn, you Mexicans are such hipsters) and I got to meet my favoritest writer, artist, inker and colorist team in all of comics. I Can go on, but is it ever fun to read about people's con thoughts? The only other things that happened was me tossing 3D Avengers glasses at random people while screaming obscenities at them. Note: people don't mind getting criticized or pelted long as free stuff is involved oh and Asian people suck at catching, but black people are amazing at it (who knew, right?). There's more, but delightful con especially for a first time is where it'll end up.
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Dear 7Up,

I Have been a long time drinker of your carbonated beverage since I was nothing, but a wee lad remembering the times when us as a society accepted a red spot with sunglasses as a "cool guy." These days though I have become a man. I Have made love to a woman and built a tree out of a house all at once and must complain to you good sir. I Must ask do you have a recipe or ingredients you follow for your main drink 7Up? I Ask because sometimes it tastes delightful and full of a more heavy lemon themed taste. Though others I occasionally grab a case and it tastes like someone spilt the ashes of a deceased relative into the vat.

Like I literally imagine someone walking into your factory and during lunch they had to pick up a jar of ashes of a loved one (a grandparent, dog, an old left shoe) and literally that person just trips on a random pebble and spills that whole damn jar of ashes into the vat. Though the problem is this on and off again problem has been going on for over a year. So I literally imagine weekly someone's dead cat is spilt into a vat of 7Up and I'm drinking a different dead ashed something with each can.

Really, WHAT THE FUCK? Who wants to taste goddamn ashes in each can that is advertised as lemon-lime carbonated drink? Does no one not notice this taste of old man made in goddamn 1000 plus degree heat? Please tell your goddamn employees to quit goddamn bringing their ashes to the work place and spilling it in the 7Up mixing plant. I Want a consistent flavor of lemon-lime not debating if I open a can and wonder if I'm gaining the soul and essence of something that died.
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Dear Diary,

As we grow older we start to notice different things in the world. For one thing we start to become overall more and more cynical assholes. I Am no exception to this "growth" as I haven't listened to a public radio station on my own free will in years. That or I start to see many movies and shows as just getting stale and is no different from a pimp willing to let someone do whatever they want to their ho for the right price. The things we use to love no longer interests us as much. Sure, cars are still awesome, but goddammit I care about shit like fuel efficiency more then anything else now. Then things slowly start to spiral, spiral in ways we never thought possible, the time when we question at our own age, are we turning into goddamn hipsters?

Now I think this is bound to happen to everyone since as we grow cynical and old, the one thing we start to hate is young people. For me predominantly it's people who shop at Hot Topic. Now my beef here is I grew up in the 90's which gave us such jewel treasures as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and whatever else we can get for cheap from Asian studios. So it always just drives me insane when people under 18 go into the stores and buy merchandise from cartoons that they weren't even around for when it aired. Then those words are uttered, those words that you can rephrase all you want, but you know it so. "I Like Ninja Turtles/Power Rangers BEFORE it was cool."


I Have turned into a goddamn hipster or so I think. The immediate next reaction is after you said it you begin to realize it and you don't know whether to deny or accept that is this the age where you look at the world as literally you vs. the mainstream. Now you can deny all you goddamn want, but it's true because it feels like being a cynical prick is the way to go and you can't change it. Suddenly you realize everything you hate that everyone else loves. You fucking hate shows with laugh tracks. Shows like Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother become the enemy of lesser rated shows like Community or Parks and Rec. That and you slowly begin to hate the people who defend and love those shows.

BUT IT DOESN'T END THERE! Suddenly you begin to realize as you're growing up you need clothes that say or define who you are. Black shirts are so passe and you realize it doesn't hurt to add color to the wardrobe. Suddenly you go for ironic shirts that give some stupid meaningless statement on who you are. "This shirt has humorous text and a picture because I want people to know I am witty." Majority of the shirts I buy are really now just that. The others are hoodies and hoodies and shirts of bands I've seen live simply so I can say I was there as if I look for the underground that too questions if anyone is against the conformity of buying shirts from Hot Topic or Target for a clearance price and pretending like they've been a nerd all their life.

I Feel I have become all these things and then some. No wait, I am these things. Though I don't know. Have I become full hipster? The weird straw suddenly become the crushing blow to my metaphorical camel when I realized scarves are fantastic accessories along with wristbands. WHAT HAS GODDAMN HAPPENED?! WHAT WAS IT THAT MADE ME LOOK BACK AT MY YOUTH AND SAY TO MYSELF "Goddamn, who needs this many black shirts?!" Is this a sign I am turning hipster? Craving attention?! Possible 20's life crisis? I DON'T KNOW! OR MAYBE I'M TRYING TO MAKE A DRINKING GAME FOR EVERYTIME I'VE SAID HIPSTER YOU'RE TAKING A SHOT *spoiler alert: you're dead or passed out or soon will be*

Though there is hope or I think there is. As much as I love bands like Metric and slowly growing into other bands that aren't Metal or Aggrotech, I realize I can admit I like different bands and not do it ironically. Maybe I have become some kinda nerd-hipster hybrid (a nipster perhaps) that sees the growing age of information and technology as a means to find new ways to entertain myself. That I can have a middle ground and the fact I don't drink, therefore cutting out the possibility of Pabst Blue Ribbon ever going down my lungs means I have not become like them. Nor do I suck the dick of Apple, though they do make good products and I do have a few iPods an-NO! NO GODDAMMIT! I AM BETTER THEN THIS!

To summarize this never ending escalating entry of pointless mind numbing madness, I will finish with this. I Was nerd for far too long and I'll be damned if I can't be a cynical assholes over pretending they are now because of what a store or movies tell them. Go me and people who think this way though in a slightly more well constructed paragraphs or whatever.

-I'm Bill Pardy
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First off, I JUST SPENT GODDAMN $86 ON CONCERT TICKETS! PLUS THE SHOW ISN'T EVEN UNTIL JUNE NEXT YEAR! Goddamn, I feel confused. Like I was beaten with doorknobs for 15 minutes and immediately got laid afterwards by a gang of bikini models. Mostly because the tickets are for Ministry and they're coming to the states for only 5 days in 4 locations and my state was one of them. SO EAT IT ALASKA! YOU MAY HAVE PENGUINS AND THE RIGHT TO HUNT FURRIES THAT ARE ACTUALLY ANIMALS, BUT I GET TO GO DEAF BY THE LOUDEST BAND WITH A LEAD SINGER WHO'S BEEN VOMITING BLOOD FOR 6 YEARS!

Second, HOLY SHIT! Then I spent about $35 or so to see Testament & Anthrax featuring Death Angel later in October. Then the week after Unearth is doing Halloween themed shows here. Then two weeks after Unearth I got Mastodon featuring Dillinger Escape Plan and Red Fang. So literally it's nonstop baptism's of sweat coming here. I Look forward to being crushed under the mass of people as I run in a circle. Good times.

Third, go see Drive. Man, did I enjoy Drive. It felt like a 60's movie with 70's level violence and a soundtrack similar to the 80's (first half at least). Also just the cast and characters were great. The movie isn't one for giving many of it's characters dialogue, but instead let their faces and the music help tell the story more then them just going on long monologues.  So yes, I enjoyed it alot. It was subtle, but added up to be a great experience.
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